“Rendez-Vous” – Jerusalem & Dead Sea Experience

“Rendez-Vous” – Jerusalem & Dead Sea Experience

We are happy to offer the following tourist packages 

 The package includes: 3 night hotel accommodation in Jerusalem on Bed&Breakfast** basis +  3 nights hotel accommodation in Dead Sea on Half Board basis + ticket to JMJ event + group transfers to/from airport + group transfers to/from Masada. 

  • There is a possibility to upgrade the transportation services from group to private for additional payment;
  • There is a possibility to upgrade the event ticket level from Gravity Zone


The package is valid during the period from April, 2nd  till 8th.

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Jean-Michel Jarre Concert - Tickets level:


Witness this once-in-a-lifetime event from the very center!

In the Gravity Zone, the public will enjoy the show in a crowd of happy fans. Located in front of the main stage, the Gravity Zone is a perfect setting for real music lovers. 

Here, you can enjoy the concert in four dimensions: standing, seated, dancing, and even laying on the mats and cushions spread along the ground.

*Bars, food, and restroom areas will be available all around.

*General admission at the Gates to Gravity Zone.

*Seats unmarked 



Feel elevated and see the show on the stage level!  

This zone, designed exclusively for VIPs is a perfect setting for Clubbers.

You can hang around the cocktail bar, dance under the stars, or relax and watch the concert from the couches elevated above the dancing crowd.

*Designated bar, food, and restroom areas

* Seats unmarked.  



For an exclusive private experience in the show that will shake the mountains!

The Lounge Zone is especially designed for Groups of Friends who want to enjoy the concert in an exclusive salon set on the elevated platform 3.5 meter above the ground.

The area consists of elegantly designed private lounges with comfortable sofas, tables, full waiter service, a bottle of Champaign or Vodka for every 4 guests and soft drinks for all guests.

*The LOUNGE ZONE is designed for 200 People .

* Min. order of 4 persons - Max. 12 persons in every section.



This exclusively designed Premium Zone offers glamorous panoramic lofts with views of the majestic Mount Masada and the futuristic stage of Jean-Michel Jarre above the desert valley filled with an amazed dancing crowd… these lofts are destined for those who fly high!

Elevated 5m above the ground, these lofts are designed to perfection with private waiters, Premium Alcohol Bar, soft drinks, and the cocktail food served all night long.  The Premium Room Service will be at your disposal to bring delivery from any popup restaurants located on the set.

After booking: 

The Premium Courier will deliver you the tickets with a special Premium Kit which include :

*tickets to the show

* The evening program

*Car parking tag

* Special gift

The Premium Concierge will contact you to obtain your special requests and to arrange Premium Transportation or Premium Parking Arrangements.

 *Seats and tables marked

* Designated luxurious restrooms area



THE PENTHOUSES - will rise above the amphitheater with the panoramic view of the Judean Desert, Mount Masada and the spectacular stage of Jean-Michel Jarre. 

There are only 5 name-based panoramic Penthouses of 240 sqm each. Each PENTHOUSE has its own dance floor terrace, lavish furniture, glamorous bar and a telescope to watch the stars in the sky and on stage, there will even be puffy coaches under the sky to get some rest for the sunrise concert.

An individual design of each Penthouse will be custom-made for its Owner. A personal Chef will create an exclusive dinner infused with oriental accents…  A sommelier will compose the private collection of wines & spirits for the Owner and his guests.  The Penthouse Private Concierge will provide additional requests throughout the night.

The Owner of the PENTHOUSE can host up to some 150 guests.